We offer complete economical Voice Over IP (VOIP) solutions including hardware, service and support. VOIP systems can be an effective alternative to expensive and hard to maintain phone switches and they allow a great deal of flexibility in their implementation. If you are considering a new telephone system or are moving to a new facility, a Voice Over IP (VOIP) PBX can be an economical alternative to a traditional PBX. Easier installation and management of equipment, reduced costs for remote offices, lower costs for temporary or permanent employee moves and ease of management are among the benefits of this technology.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus can serve as an unattended switchboard or as an extension of your attendant’s functionality. Options can be designed for different times of day, weekends and holidays or other out-of-office specifications. Switch modes at the touch of a button on your phone.
  •  Phones can be simple or sophisticated devices depending on  the level needed (e.g. Executive / Managerial, Shop). Mix and match as needed.
  • Extension creation and operation is flexible and easily modified. Forward phones during specific times and conditions (e.g. Busy or Unanswered) to Voicemail, other extensions or outside numbers such as cell phones. Configure each extension to that person’s role and needs – Sales, Exexutive, Work-at-Home.
  • Virtual extensions can be created as Voicemail portals. Voicemails on any extension can be emailed to the user.
  • Remote Workers and Offices are easily accommodated on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Standard Telephony Features including Ring Groups, Extension Groups and Paging/Intercom are available and can be configured to meet your needs.
We provide training for every system before we consider a project finish. On-going support plans are available too ! 
Contact us for additional details too see how we can help you move forward !