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We have been providing technology solutions to individuals and businesses for over 30 years.

Whether you need a short-term fix or want to address a longer-term project, we can evaluate your situation and present solutions.


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CSS Services has been providing professional IT services for over 30 years in industries ranging from Financial Services to Education to Printing.

We cater mainly to small business and home offices but also have been part of enterprise-level projects.

Contact us to see how we can assist you in choosing and implementing the right technology for your business.



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We Provide Innovative Economical Technology Solutions


Business IT solutions geared toward small-to-medium businesses. Do you have an immediate issue or just looking for quality professional IT services?


CSS Services has been providing Web Services to business customers for over twenty-five years. From Hosting Plans to Site Development, we've been there !


IT service for your Home computers and sytems including hardware and software solutions from experienced profressionals at affordable prices.


Monitor your home, office or business remotely in real-time with our security camera systems. Protect your facilities even while you are not there.


We offer complete economical Voice Over IP (VOIP) solutions including hardware, service and support. VOIP systems are an effective alternative to traditional expensive PBXs.


No matter if your project is a quick fix or a long term transformation, we will build a team with you !


Exploring all options results in fewer surprises and more customer satisfaction as well as cost savings.


We believe solid planning is the basis of any successful project. Measure Twice - Cut Once !


Our decades of experience and expertise is a big part of avoiding project pitfalls and dealing with unavoidable bumps in the road.

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We do not disappear once a project has been completed.