Protecting your computer from viruses and spyware is on everybody’s mind these days. Using an Anti-Virus program is an essential tool to protect your data. But many Anti-Virus programs slow down your computer’s performance.

After evaluating many of the available products on the market, CSS Services has chosen to recommend Viper – a new generation of software which combines Anti-Virus protection with Anti-Spyware protection in a seamless security solution with minimal impact on your PC’s performance. We use Vipre on all of our machines and have been extremely satisfied with its effectiveness against threats and its ability to work without impairing efficiency.

As a certified reseller, we can offer discounts and the latest product updates as well as support.

Why Viper?

  • Provides real-time monitoring against viruses and spyware
  • Email protection
  • Configurable to meet your specific requirements
  • Efficient design without the bloated code engines other providers use
  • Economical and Affordable pricing
    • Low annual fee which includes threat definition updates and software upgrades
    • An available Household License which will protect ALL the computers in your house for what you might pay for a single license from other providers.

Want to learn more about implementing Vipre including a Free 15 day trial? Click here. Or call us and we can get you started. We also offer installation and configuration services including technical support of your installed product.